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Leaking pipe or installation can damage your property if not stopped quickly. Customer should know location of main water switch, to be able to switch water off in the case of leak occur. Stop cock is usually located in the kitchen, under the sink, you may also find it near your entrance. If you can't find it or valve is seized and you cannot turn it off or can't access it, you can still switch water off outside, on the street, however you might need a special key to be able to turn it off and in some cases main water pipe supplies more than one property so you should be aware of this.

If you discover leak, either visible one or hidden where wet patch appear on your ceiling or wall, you should call 07802 645743 and we Galaxy plumbing will come in fastest possible time. In more serious cases like burst pipe where water is pouring from pipe under pressure try to shut your main water supply first to lower damage and then call our plumber. You can call us anytime for advice or help, we will guide you how to proceed if in doubt until engineer arrives.

SureStop valveWe recommend to fit SureStop which will allow you to switch your main water supply with just a click. SureStop is reccomended to be installed in properties with elderly people or where switching mains off would be difficult. Of course you can have it installed in any property where mains supply pipe can be located, as this can be sometimes very difficult.

Galaxy plumbing can also do various other plumbing jobs including replacing or install of new sink, bath, toilet, basin, mixer shower, outside taps etc. Fix dripping taps, blocked waste pipe on sink, basin, or bath. We install waste disposal units (Insinkerator) if required.

For all plumbing enquiries please use our contact form or call 07802 645743.